Today, December 29th I could not help myself but think of all the marvelous things 2008 has brought me. As I recall all the wonderful memories I had, and the happy endings, I realize that time truly is a valuable blessing that I must take full advantage of. This year has truly brought me blessings on many fronts. And I am grateful for:

A loving family- my grounding force

A wonderful boyfriend, who has given me all that happiness can offer

A friend who seems more to me like a sister

Good health, a strong heart

An employer who is generous and always willing to work with my lifestyle

And finally, A God who has never failed me and continuously works his wonders

Having rediscovered, I want to focus on 2009. Instead of resolutions, I set goals to help determine the areas in which I need to grow: Intellectually, Spiritually, Physically, Socially, Mentally and Financially. I have learned that when I set resolutions, and do not fulfill them, I simply dismiss them all together.  Whereas goals you are not only striving to achieve them, it is a continual process in which you have sat down and thought through in a step-by-step procedure on how you will achieve them.

Obtain 60-90 credit hours to apply to my ADN and Bachelor’s Degrees. -Intellectually

Budget money accordingly. -Financially

Go out of my way to make others feel great about themselves. -Spiritually

Give a helping hand to a noted charity through volunteering.

Take more and every educational opportunity that is given to me. -Intellectually

Find the right church and attend regularly. -Spiritually

Have positive regards to every aspect and laugh regularly and often. -Mentally, Spiritually, Socially and hopefully Physically

Begin to read and write daily.
-Mentally and Intellectually

Find a hobby that inspires or helps others.
-Physically, Spiritually, Socially, but by no means Financially

While the holidays and the end of a year is always a time for reflection and improvement in life. Whatever the new year may have in store for you, aside from goals and resolutions, keep in mind that we are only young once.


photo taken in N.C. by Melody Locklear